Rafael Nadal Currently 3/4 To Win on Wednesday

Published on January 24th, 2017 3:52 pm EST
One of the quarterfinals matches on the men's side of the Australian Open will see Rafael Nadal take on Milos Raonic.

Both men are likely sensing an amazing opportunity thanks to the upsets suffered by both Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray earlier in the tournament. The tournament is truly wide open right now, and both Nadal and Raonic are hoping to score surprise wins in this event.

Rafael Nadal, who has been battling a spate of injuries over the past couple of years, is looking to recapture some of his previous glory. Nadal has won this tournament once before and would love to take down another major title before his career draws to a close. With both Murray and Djokovic on the sidelines, the time is right for Nadal to make his move.

Raonic, on the other hand, is looking to take down the first Grand Slam title of his career. A win for Raonic at the Australian Open would likely do wonders for his confidence and would probably send his game to the next level. There is still plenty of work to be done for Raonic, however, as he will enter his match against Nadal as the slight underdog to win.


Nadal has a considerable experience advantage heading into this match, though Raonic has a game that is well-suited to the hardcourts of the Australian Open.

Here are the current betting odds as of this moment:

Rafael Nadal, 3/4
Milos Raonic, 5/4

Games Handicap

Rafael Nadal, -1.5, 5/6
Milos Raonic, +1.5, 5/6

Set Betting

Rafael Nadal 3-1, 7/2
Rafael Nadal 3-0, 11/4
Rafael Nadal 3-2, 5/1
Milos Raonic 3-2, 11/2
Milos Raonic 3-1, 9/2
Milos Raonic 3-0, 4/1

Over 3.5 sets, 2/5
Under 3.5 sets, 7/4


Can an old lion roar once again on Wednesday, or will Milos Raonic move closer to his first Grand Slam title?

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