Sports Nicknames - Magic Johnson

Earvin Johnson Jr. is according to many the best basketball point guard of all time. He is a five times NBA champion and three times Most Valuable Player. Earvin Johnson Jr. played in twelve NBA All-Star Games and was also part of the 'The Dream Team' that won the Olympic gold.

Earvin Magic Johnson is a true basketball legend.  Illustration.  Profile drawing.  Art.  Avatar.  Long time Los Angeles Lakers player and member of The Dream Team.

Earvin Johnson Jr. earned his nickname 'Magic Johnson' at the age of 15, after a reporter witnessed his outstanding performance in a highschool match, in which he netted 36 points, had 16 rebounds and 16 assists.

Magic Johnson won championships in highschool and college and was the first overall draft pick in 1979. He played thirteen seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers and is to this date the league leader in average assists per game.


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