LA Dodgers Currently Listed at 8/1 To Win 2014 World Series

Published on January 8th, 2014 9:08 pm EST
The Los Angeles Dodgers are the current favorites to win the 2014 World Series, as they are listed at 8/1 to win it all.

The Dodgers are going to be absolutely loaded in 2014 (this won't come cheap, as over $211 million in payroll has already been committed for the 2014 season), which is the reason why they are currently the favorites to win it all. Their pitching staff, led by Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke, is superlative, while Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig lead the offensive attack.

After the LA Dodgers, three teams are listed at 10/1 to win, including the defending World Series champions:

St. Louis Cardinals, 10/1
Detroit Tigers, 10/1
Boston Red Sox, 10/1

Can the Boston Red Sox repeat in 2014, especially after such an emotionally taxing season in 2013? How will they deal with the loss of Jacob Ellsbury?

Here are the rest of the teams who are currently listed at 19/1 or better to win the World Series in 2014:

Washington Nations, 12/1
Atlanta Braves, 14/1
Texas Rangers, 14/1
Los Angeles Angels, 14/1
Toronto Blue Jays, 16/1
Oakland Athletics, 16/1
Cincinnati Reds, 16/1
Tampa Bay Rays, 18/1

Will the Los Angeles Angels rebound after an extremely disappointing campaign in 2013? Will the Toronto Blue Jays finally click following their big offseason last year?

Did you notice that there was a particularly noticeable omission from the teams listed above? That's right - the New York Yankees, who are currently listed at 20/1 to win the 2014 World Series. The Yankees are still dealing with the Alex Rodriguez situation, plus their starting pitching is a very obvious issue heading into 2014. Nobody is giving the Yankees much of a chance in 2014.

Two other teams are listed at 20/1 to win in 2014 - they are:

Cleveland Indians, 20/1
Baltimore Orioles, 20/1


Here is the rest of the list:

Kansas City Royals, 22/1
San Francisco Giants, 25/1
Pittsburgh Pirates, 25/1
Milwaukee Brewers, 28/1
Seattle Mariners, 33/1
Chicago White Sox, 33/1
Philadelphia Phillies, 33/1
Arizona Diamondbacks, 33/1
Chicago Cubs, 50/1
San Diego Padres, 66/1
Colorado Rockies, 66/1
Miami Marlins, 80/1
New York Mets, 80/1
Houston Astros, 100/1
Minnesota Twins, 100/1

The Seattle Mariners, who recently signed Robinson Cano to a monster deal, moved from 40/1 to 33/1 after signing Cano to his monster deal.

Source: World Series Betting Odds

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