Can Anybody Stop The Kansas City Royals?

Published on October 15th, 2014 8:23 pm EST
The Kansas City Royals are currently unstoppable.

Let that sentence sink in for a second.

The Kansas City Royals, who were baseball's laughing stock for the better part of two decades, are now just four wins from the World Series. The Kansas City Royals, who were absent from the postseason for nearly 30 years, have won eight straight postseason games this year and are looking nearly unstoppable.

The Kansas City Royals were so close to missing out on this run. After all, in the AL Wild Card play-in game, the Royals were down 7-3 in the eighth inning. After tying the game, the Royals fell behind by a run in extra innings but still ended up winning.

Since that time, the Royals have been on a tear to end all tears, breezing through the Angels and the Orioles. Neither team could withstand the incredible momentum and "small ball" philosophy of the Kansas City Royals.

With the Cardinals and Giants slugging it out in the NLCS, the Royals now have the luxury of resting up and healing up. However, if you asked them, they would probably tell you that they would rather be playing right now as their momentum is nearly unstoppable.


The bookmakers believe that the Royals have the edge heading into the World Series, regardless of who they end up playing.

According to Vegas, the Royals are currently 10/11 to win the World Series, which means that either the Giants or the Cardinals would be small underdogs. This is quite the flip-flop for the Royals as they were not picked by practically anybody to make it past the Angels, let alone qualify for the World Series.

The big question now - will the Royals be able to complete this Cinderella story and take home the World Series to their long-starved fans?

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