Boxing Betting Can Be Extremely Lucrative If You Do The Research

Published on February 25th, 2019 12:53 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel
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The King provides a few useful tips for betting on boxing matches. For bookmakers, boxing is one of their most profitable sports to accept wagers on. In other words - they make some of their best money from boxing bettors than any other sport.

There are a few reasons for this, and if you understand a bit better how things work, you can expand your bankroll while betting on boxing, rather than see it disappear.

Here are five things that you should keep in mind if you are thinking about wagering on a boxing match:

1) The favourites in high profile fights will be terrible value.

The really high level fighters in boxing rarely lose, though this doesn't mean that taking them to win straight up is a great value.

Sure, a fighter like Floyd Mayweather or GGG may be the closest thing to an absolute lock, though bookmakers will offer up terrible lines that take advice of the casual gambler.

For instance - Floyd Mayweather may be fighting, and you might see a money line like this:

Floyd Mayweather, -2500
Floyd Opponent, +1000

You might see this line and think to yourself - "there is no way that Mayweather will lose - this is free money!"

The bookmakers, however, are charging a RIDICULOUS amount of vigorish (how they make money) on this line, and you should avoid it at all costs. Seasoned gamblers look to value, and there is absolutely none here.

Which leads me to point #2:

2) Look for value.

Seasoned gamblers look for value in betting lines.

Even if a seasoned gambler thinks that Fighter A will win, they will have no problem betting on Fighter B if they see value in them (the line is mispriced).

If I think that Fighter B has a 40% chance of winning the fight but they are +200 underdogs, I must place a bet on them as I am betting far too much value.

This is how the seasoned gamblers make money betting - they look for value and place their bets accordingly.

3) Track the lower level fights.

Sports books do a great job of posting lines for even the most obscure of fights, though this opens them up to the possibility of losing money.

If you track fighters at the lower levels really closely, you'll find scenarios where there is massive value. For instance, an up-and-coming fighter that nobody has heard of may be fighting a more experienced boxer, and is seen as being a massive underdog by the books.

You have determined that the up-and-coming fighter is very good and you believe that they have a great chance of winning. The sports books aren't too familiar with their fighter, so they have made the up-and-coming fighter a +600 underdog due to his lack of experience.

In this case, you could potentially take your sports book for a big win due to your above-average knowledge of these lower level fighters.

There is not a lot of edge in the big fights, though you can certainly find tremendous value at the lower levels. That should be your focus.

4) Bankroll management. Another way that seasoned gamblers stay in the game for so long - they practice proper bankroll management.

If you throw your entire bankroll on your favourite fighter when they have a big fight, you are destined to obliterate your bankroll - it's just a matter of time.

Instead, you should divide your bankroll in 50-100 pieces and bet no more than 2-3 "units" on each fight. This might seem boring, though this is how you stay in the game, and this is how seasoned gamblers manage their money. Don't start bad habits with an expectation to change once you have more money - instil good habits now.

5) Learn about international fights.

This ties in with point #3 - don't just bet on the fights that are taking place at MGM Grand and being broadcast on HBO. EVERYBODY is betting those fights and there is practically nothing there in terms of edge.

Instead, why not learn about fights that are taking place in other areas of the world, such as the United Kingdom? Again, if you focus on the lower level fights, you can find some tremendous value there. Why not spend your research time on fighters and divisions and countries that don't receive as much exposure? Why not try to gain an informational advantage in an area of boxing where there is not much coverage? This is how the real money is made, not being on Floyd Mayweather to win.

Good luck!

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