Incredible Betting Action As Major League Baseball Season Opens

Published on July 24th, 2020 11:37 am EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

The sports are back and there is a pent up demand for betting on it. According to US sportsbook DraftKings, more money was bet on the opening game of the Major League Baseball season last night (New York Yankees vs Washington Nationals) than on Game 7 of the World Series last year.

Last year's World Series saw the Washington Nationals defeat the Houston Astros. There was a tremendous amount of coverage on Game 7, particularly in regards to how much money was being bet on the game.

For an opening game tilt between the Yankees and Nationals to beat Game 7 of the World Series in terms of betting handle is nothing short of amazing, and shows how much pent-up demand there is for sports in the United States.


Sure, there have been some events to bet on since the Coronavirus first invaded our shores.

The UFC, for instance, has done a particularly good job of running events. NASCAR and golf have also provided betting opportunities.

Major League Baseball, however, is on an entirely different level.


Over the next few weeks, the NBA and NHL will join the fray, which should result in some even crazier betting handles, especially when the NBA playoffs get underway.

In addition, NFL training camps got underway earlier this week, which means that the start of the NFL season is just a few short weeks away.


For the betting industry, this is truly a feast or famine situation, as we went from hardly any sports to practically an overload of sports.

Strap yourselves in - the next few months are going to be fun.

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