Definition of Yards Before Contact (YBC)

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What does the term "yards before contact" (YBC) mean in the football world? What is meant by "yards before contact"?

"Yards before contact" refers to the number of yards that a rusher (running back, quarterback, fullback, etc) gains before being hit by a member of the other team.

The meaning of the American football term Yards Before Contact is explained and discussed, with an example provided.  What is it?  In photo:  New England Patriots player on the go.So, let's say that JK Dobbins gains three yards before being hit by a member of the opposing team.

In this case, his "yards before contact" on the play would be 3, as he gained a total of 3 yards before being hit.

The number of yards before contact is measured from the line of scrimmage.


Why does "yards before contact" matter?

Well, to start, if a running back is constantly getting met at the line of scrimmage by a defensive player, this very likely means that:

1) The running back isn't very fast

2) The running back doesn't have very good vision

3) The offensive line isn't very good

4) The quarterback isn't very good, and the defense is just stacking the box

The higher the "yards before contact" the better. A high yards before contact number means that the running back is likely fast, possesses good vision and has a great offensive line in front of them.