Definition of Total Rounds

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What does the term "total rounds" mean in the world of boxing or mixed martial arts betting? What is a "Total Rounds" line?

The King explains the meaning of the sports betting term Total Rounds when it comes to boxing and mixed martial arts.In boxing or mixed martial arts, the "total rounds" line is used when you want to bet on how long a fight will last.

Let's take a five-round UFC title fight.

The Total Rounds lines might look like this:

1.5 Rounds

Over, -275
Under, +225

2.5 Rounds

Over, -195
Under, +150

3.5 Rounds

Over, -110
Under -110

4.5 Rounds

Over, +165
Under, -185

So, let's say that you believe that this fight will end early - let's say in the first round.

In this case, you'd want to bet the Under 1.5 rounds, which would pay you a very nice $225 in profit for every $100 bet.