Definition of Super Heinz Bet

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What is a "Super Heinz" bet? What does the term "Super Heinz" mean in the world of sports betting?

The King explains the meaning of Super Heinz Bet when it comes to wagering on sports.  Illustration.In sports betting, a "Super Heinz" bet is an incredibly complex wager that consists of 120 different bets.

In order to generate a "Super Heinz" bet, you need to choose 7 different selections. So, for instance, your 7 selections might look like this:

Conor McGregor to Win
Manchester United to Win
Denver Broncos to Win
Serena Williams to Win
Manchester City to Win
New York Yankees to Win
Canelo Alvarez to Win

As you can see, you can choose selections from all types of different sports and/or events.

Now, these 7 selections are combined into the following bets in a "Super Heinz":

21 Doubles
35 Trebles
35 Four-Fold Accumulators
21 Five-Fold Accumulators
7 Six-Fold Accumulators
1 Seven-Fold Accumulator

So, for instance, one of your treble selections would be Conor McGregor to Win, Manchester City to Win and Serena Williams to Win.

Each of these 120 bets stands on their own, which means that you must pay money for each of the 120 bets. So, if you decide to wager £1 on each bet, the entire "Super Heinz" ticket would cost you a total of £120.


The biggest "pro" of a Super Heinz bet is that you don't need to get all of the selections correct in order to see a return on your ticket.

On the other hand, if you just did a 7-fold accumulator and wagered £120, your potential return would be much, much, much higher.

The "Super Heinz" is quite possibly the most complex bet that you could possibly come up with.