Definition of Players' All-Pro Team

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What does the term "players' all-pro team" mean in the world of football? What is meant by the "players' all-pro team"?

After the completion of the 2022 regular season, the first-ever "players' all-pro team" was announced.

In photo: Patrick Mahones playing for Kansas City.  The term Players all-pro team is explained.  The sport is American football.  The league NFL.This team, which included a total of 29 players across 23 positions, was voted on by active NFL players.

Players could not vote for themselves or any of their teammates, and they could only vote for players:

1) At their position
2) That they line up against

So, as an example, a wide receiver could only vote for other wide receivers or positions that they line up against, such as cornerback.

Players that missed 5 or more games were ineligible to make the "team".

Special teams players were nominated by "locker room leaders".


The first edition of the players' all-pro team included the likes of Patrick Mahomes, Josh Jacobs and Nick Bosa, to name a few.