Definition of Patent Bet

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What does the term "patent bet" mean in the world of sports betting? What is meant by a "patent bet"?

The patent bet is a ticket that is generated by making three selections.

The King explains the meaning of the term Patent Bet.  What type of a wager is this when it comes to horse racing?For instance - let's say that you like Dark Midnight, Sir Winston and the Doppleganger to win their respective horse races.

With the patent bet, these three selections would generate a total of seven DIFFERENT bets:

Three Singles

Dark Midnight to Win
Sir Winston to Win
Doppleganger to Win

Three Doubles

Dark Midnight, Sir Winston to Win
Dark Midnight, Doppleganger to Win
Sir Winston, Doppleganger to Win

1 Treble

Dark Midnight, Sir Winston and Doppleganger to Win

All of these bets will stand on their own. You can either select a total wager amount for the entire ticket, or an amount that will be bet on each part of the ticket.

So, if you choose to wager £1 on each part of the ticket, a "patent bet" ticket would cost you £7.


The advantage of a "patent bet" ticket over a traditional accumulator is that you can get a choice (or even two) wrong on a "patent bet" ticket and still see a return.

With the standard accumulator, however, an incorrect choice will cost you your entire ticket.