Definition of Mossed

What does the term "Mossed" mean in the world of football? What is meant by the term "Mossed"?

The term "Mossed" refers to when a wide receiver jumps and catches a ball over top of a defender.

The meaning and the origin of the term Mossed is explained when it comes to American football.  Seemingly impossible catch.The term is coined after Hall of Famer Randy Moss, who is one of the greatest wide receivers of all time and who made a career out of making seemingly impossible catches.


If you "Moss" somebody, this usually means that you make a play (usually a jump ball over top of a defender) in the face of good coverage.

So, let's say that DK Metcalf is streaking down the field and Russell Wilson throws up a bomb.

The defender has very good coverage on Metcalf, and they are running step-for-step.

As the ball approaches, both players try to catch the ball, though Metcalf jumps higher and pulls down the pass. He lands on his feet and takes it into the endzone.

In this case, you would say that Metcalf "Mossed" the defender, as he made a very tough play in the face of very good coverage.