Definition of Deadline Day

What is the meaning of the term 'deadline day' in sports?

The deadline day in sports usually refers to the transfer deadline day, which is the last day of the transfer market, in which players are signed and traded by clubs. It is basically the last day in which players can be registered to play.

The meaning of the term Deadline Day is explained and the sport of soccer is referenced as an example.  Illustration.In the sport of soccer there are two transfer periods, also known as transfer windows, per year. One takes place in the summer and one in the winter. Therefore, there are two deadline days. The deadline days can be exciting as clubs frantically try and finalize deals, while the clock is ticking. Sometimes the biggest deals, involving best players, are made on the deadline day. Sometimes deals fall apart because the time has run out without parties reaching a mutual agreement.

Deadline days receive a lot of attention in the press as the fans closely watch what their favourite teams are doing and what their squads might look like going forward. There is no shortage of rumors as the deadline day approaches, which makes things that much more interesting.