Definition of Alternative Total Goals

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What does the term "alternative total goals" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by the term "alternative total goals"?

Sportsbooks will set lines on the total number of goals that are scored in a football match. The most common goal total is 2.5 goals.

The meaning and definition of Alternative Total Goals bet is explained.  What is it?Most sportsbooks will also offer "alternative total goal" lines, where you can bet on a total that is either higher or lower than the main total that is set by the book.

For instance, in a match between Manchester United and Liverpool, the traditional goal total is set at 2.5 goals, and you can bet either over or under on this total.

The "Alternative Total Goals" lines, however, might look like this:

0.5 Goals,

Over, 1.083
Under 8.00

1.5 Goals,

Over, 1.36
Under, 3.0

3.5 Goals

Over, 4.00
Under, 1.22

4.5 Goals

Over, 9.00
Under, 1.071

5.5 Goals

Over, 19.00
Under, 1.02

6.5 Goals

Over, 41.00
Under, 1.004


Notice how there is no 2.5 Goals line in these totals? That is because that is the "traditional" total that is already offered by the book - these are the "alternative" lines.

These "alternative total goal" lines can provide value if you feel that a total will come in well below or above a projected total.

For instance, if you think that the two sides will play to a scoreless draw, you'd want to take the Under 0.5 Goals line for a potential big payout.