Definition of Alternate Receiving Yards

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What does the term "alternate receiving yards" mean in the world of football betting? What does the term "alternate receiving yards" mean?

When it comes to football betting, sportsbooks will set lines on how many yards of receiving an offensive player will have in a game.

A Philadelphia Eagles player is about to pass the ball.  The term Alternate Receiving Yards is explained when it comes to betting on the sport of American football.For instance, the line for AJ Brown receiving yards in a game might be set at 76.5 yards.

With the "alternate receiving yards" line, the over/under line adjust, along with the odds.

For instance, a couple of alternate AJ Brown betting lines might look like this:

Over/Under 54.5 Yards
Over/Under 99.5 Yards
Over/Under 110.5 Yards

In the case of the 54.5 yards line, the odds will be significantly different from the 76.5 yards line, as it will be much easier for Brown to hit that number.

For instance, the lines for this number might look like this:

Over 54.5 Yards, -330
Under 54.5 Yards, +275

On the other hand, the Over/Under for the 110.5 yards line might look like this:

Over 110.5 Yards, +550
Under 110.5 Yards, -725

If you think that Brown will have a big game, you'd likely want to bet on the Over 99.5 Yards or Over 110.5 Yards lines.

If Brown is going up against one of the top cornerbacks in the league and you think that he is going to be shut down, you'd might think about taking the Under 54.5 Yards line for a potentially big payday.

The alternate receiving yards lines are usually available for any offensive player that might catch a pass, including wide receivers, running backs and tight ends.