Seattle Seahawks Favoured To Win By 9 1/2 Points

Published on October 5th, 2015 7:25 am EST
They say that picking up a win against the Seahawks in Seattle is one of the toughest things to do in all of sports.

Now, what happens what you are being asked to win in Seattle and the game is being aired on Monday Night Football? What happens when the Seattle Seahawks are, despite their slow start, one of the best teams in the league? You get a team in the Detroit Lions that is in a nearly impossible situation as they travel to Seattle on Monday night in search of their first victory.

The Seattle Seahawks are currently 1-2 but are seemingly gaining momentum after a slow start. Kam Chancellor returned to their line-up last week after a failed holdout, and Jimmy Graham finally seems to be clicking with his new club. Sure, Marshawn Lynch is going to be out of the line-up on Monday night, though the Seahawks have the weapons necessary to deal with the loss.

The mistake-prone Lions, on the other hand, will be searching for their first victory in the very unfriendly confines of Seattle. Calvin Johnson has been virtually unnoticeable so far this season, Matthew Stafford has been shaky and their defense has suffered with the loss of a man named Suh. It has been a tough year to be a Lions fan, and it's made even tougher by the fact that the Green Bay Packers have started the season 4-0.

The Lions are going to have to turn in a sublime performance on Monday night to beat the Seahawks, and this just doesn't seem like a very likely occurrence.


Here are the current odds for Monday night's game:

Money Line

Detroit Lions, 4.50
Seattle Seahawks, 1.20


Detroit Lions, +9 1/2 points
Seattle Seahawks, -9 1/2 points

Over/Under 43 points

Under 43 points, 1.91
Over 43 points, 1.91


Can the Lions pull off the improbable and win on Monday night?

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