Spiders, Naps Leading Contenders For New Cleveland Team Name

Published on July 10th, 2020 4:48 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

The Times They Are A Changing. Famous baseball team considering new name. Earlier this week, the Cleveland Indians stated that they were considering changing their name.

This comes after the Washington Redskins seemingly relented to the pressure as well, as they announced that they would be reviewing their team name.

It seems hard to imagine that the Cleveland Indians would decide NOT to change their name after announcing that they would consider a change.


With that being said - what are the leading contenders to be the new name of Cleveland's Major League Baseball franchise?

A leading offshore sportsbook has odds on Cleveland's new team name.

If you thought that the team might end up being called the Spiders, give yourself a prize, as the "Cleveland Spiders" is currently the odds-on favorite.

Here is the complete list:

Spiders, 3/1
Naps, 4/1
Guardians, 5/1
Buckeyes, 6/1
Dobys, 7/1
Wild Things, 8/1
Blue Sox, 9/1
Rocks, 10/1
Cuyahogas, 15/1
Crows, 20/1
Rockers, 20/1
Unions, 25/1
Fellers, 33/1
Great Lakers, 40/1


What do you think will be the new name of the Cleveland franchise?

Do you think that they'll change their name at all?

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