Toronto Blue Jays Currently 4.50 To Win World Series

Published on October 6th, 2015 2:32 am EST
In advance of the wild-card play-in games later this week, 10 teams currently still have hopes of winning this year's World Series.

At the top of that heap are the Toronto Blue Jays, who are currently listed at 4.50 to win. After making a couple of crucial mid-season moves, the Blue Jays surged and eventually captured the AL East. Many people believe that the Blue Jays possess the perfect combination of hitting and pitching to win the World Series, though their path to the World Series will certainly be a tough one.

Next up? The St. Louis Cardinals, who are currently listed at 5.50 to win. The Cardinals have such a strong pitching staff that it is almost unfair to the other teams in the National League, and they have to be considered the favourites to advance from the National League. The Cardinals also have playoff experience, plus they seem to have the Dodgers' number in post-season play.

Here are the ten teams who are still alive at this point, as well as their odds to win the World Series:

Toronto Blue Jays, 4.50
St. Louis Cardinals, 5.50
Kansas City Royals, 6.00
Los Angeles Dodgers, 7.00
New York Mets, 9.00
Pittsburgh Pirates, 13.00
Texas Rangers, 13.00
Chicago Cubs, 15.00
New York Yankees, 15.00
Houston Astros, 19.00


Tuesday's wild card game will see the Houston Astros travel to New York to take on the Yankees, while Wednesday's game will see Chicago square off against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The winner of the Yankees/Astros game will take on the Kansas City Royals, while the St. Louis Cardinals will take on the winner of the Cubs/Pirates game.

Everybody knows that the Cardinals are going to be very tough to beat - there are, however, a number of interesting unknown variables in this year's postseason, including:

1) The inexperience of the Blue Jays

2) The unknown factor of the Mets and the Cubs

3) Clayton Kershaw and his post-season underperformances


This should be a fantastic post-season for Major League Baseball - I can't wait for things to get started.

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