Alvin Kamara Put In One of the Greatest Running Back Performances of All Time

Published on December 26th, 2020 1:49 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

One of the great single-game performances in the game of American football occurred this holiday season. On Christmas Day, 2020, Alvin Kamara of the New Orleans Saints put together one of the greatest single-game performances by a running back of all time.

In total, Kamara rushed for 6 touchdowns and 155 yards. On top of that, Kamara added an additional 3 receptions for 17 yards.

Here is how Kamara's performance broke down on a fantasy basis:

Standard Scoring: 52 points
0.5 PPR Scoring: 54.7 points
1.0 PPR Scoring: 56.2 points

So - what this the greatest fantasy football performance by a running back of all time?

The answer: close, but not quite.


When it comes to standard scoring, the greatest single-game performance by a running back still belongs to Clinton Portis.

On December 7th, 2003, the Denver Broncos defeated the Kansas City Chiefs by a score of 45-27.

Here was Portis' stat line from the game:

5 rushing TDs
218 rushing yards
2 catches for 36 yards

While Kamara had one more touchdown, Portis had an extra 70+ yards of offence, which gave him a total of 55.4 fantasy points in the standard format.


When it comes to both 0.5 PPR and 1.0 PPR, the records still belong to Jamaal Charles.

On December 5th, 2013, Jamaal Charles put on a performance that is now referred to as the "Jamaalocaust".

In a game against the Oakland Raiders, Charles found the endzone five times, four through the air and once on the ground.

Charles would rush for 8 times for 20 yards, but his true damage was done through the air.

Charles caught 8 passes for 195 yards and four receiving touchdowns. This stat line gave him a total of 55.5 points in the 0.5 PPR scoring format, and an eye-popping 59.5 points in the 1.0 PPR scoring format.


As you can see, Alvin Kamara came very close to re-writing the record books when it comes to fantasy performances by a running back, though he ended up falling just short.

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