Definition of Jamaalocaust

What does the term "Jamaalocaust" mean in the world of fantasy football? What is meant by the term "Jamaalocaust"?

The King explains the meaning of the term Jamaalocaust when it comes to NFL football and more specifically Jamaal Charles of the Kansas City Chiefs.December 15th, 2013. The Kansas City Chiefs were travelling to Oakland to take on the Raiders.

Jamaal Charles of the Kansas City Chiefs would post one of the biggest ever games by a running back, finding the endzone a total of five times in the game.

This performance became known as the "Jamaalocaust".

Charles rushed 8 times for 20 yards and a TD.

The eye-popping numbers, though, came through the air. Charles had a total of 8 receptions, 195 yards receiving and four receiving touchdowns.

This resulted in the following fantasy football points for Charles:

Standard: 51.5 points
0.5 PPR: 55.5 points
1.0 PPR: 59.5 points

The performance was particularly noteworthy as it came in the fantasy football playoffs, so many people either won cause of Charles or were destroyed by Charles.

Here are highlights from the game:



Jamaal Charles would parlay his big day into a lucrative contract extension, which made him one of the highest paid running backs in the NFL at the time. In the 2015 season, Charles would tear his ACL and never be the same.