"71% of Money on Warriors to Cover"

Published on June 9th, 2015 8:41 pm EST
Forget all of the talk about LeBron James leading the Cavaliers to victory over the unbelievably talented squad from Golden State - most gamblers just aren't buying it.

Heading into Game 3 of the NBA Finals tonight in Cleveland, Golden State is the slight favourite to win on the road. Here are the current betting odds:

Golden State Warriors, 1.77
Cleveland Cavaliers, 2.10

Golden State, -2, 1.91
Cleveland, +2, 1.91

These odds mean that the Warriors have a 56.5% chance of winning Game 3 on the road, while the Cavaliers have a 47.62% chance of winning. If you want to bet on the spread, you'll be giving up 2 points if you want to take the Warriors, while you will get Cleveland plus two points if you want to take the Cavs.

According to William Hill US (you can view their latest Tweets here), most of the money from gamblers is coming in on the Warriors.

William Hill US says that at their 100+ sports books in Nevada, plus their mobile app, 71% of the money is coming in on the Warriors to cover (which means that they'll win by more than 2 points). In addition, 56% of the money is coming in on the Warriors' money line (which means they'll win straight up).

Also, William Hill US says that most gamblers believe that the game will go over the current over/under line of 195 points.


LeBron James led the Cavaliers to a win in Game 2 of the series and things are tied 1-1 heading back to Cleveland. Will Matthew Dellavedova be able to shut down Steph Curry for the second straight game? Will LeBron James be able to continue scoring at a 40+ point per game pace? Will LeBron be able to continue playing 45+ minutes per game in a high pace?

According to the majority of bettors at William Hill US, the answer to those questions all seem to be the same.


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