Which Sports Leagues Are Still Available To Bet On Right Now?

Published on March 16th, 2020 1:33 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

The sports betting industry is on pause due to the recent outbreak. - Illustration. As a result of the Coronavirus, most sports leagues around the world have either postponed or cancelled their seasons.

This includes leagues such as the NBA, NHL, Premier League, Champions League and more.

With many people trapped in their homes due to "social distancing" right now, the demand for online gambling has sky-rocketed. Online poker and online casino games have become very popular options for those of us who are spending our days at home.

What about sports betting? Are there any sports left to bet on?

Some leagues around the world have, in fact, decided to try and remain operational during these strange times.

The UFC, for instance, hosted an event in an empty arena this past weekend, and they are reportedly going to try and push ahead with their planned cards over the next couple of months.

This includes Khabib vs Ferguson, which the UFC is claiming they will still try and host.

The UFC's main competition, Bellator, decided to cancel their planned event this past weekend.

In addition to the UFC, which other leagues are still operational as of this moment?

Here is a list:

Cage Warriors
Russian Premier League soccer
Australian A League soccer
Turkish Super League soccer
Premier League Darts
Torneo Federal
Ghana Premier League
Brazil Carioca Serie A
Primera B, C, D (Argentina)
Chile Primera Division

Note: The South Korean basketball league looks as though it will be resuming operations in late March, though the games will likely be played in an empty stadium.


This list will likely be pared down over the coming weeks, as more and more countries likely decide to lock themselves down.

For now, however, all of these sports are available to bet on.

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