Washington Presidents, Washington Generals Current Front-Runners

Published on July 3rd, 2020 3:27 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

One of the most famous teams in sports is planning a rebrand. The Washington Redskins will probably be changing their name in the near future.

Earlier today, the Washington-based NFL franchise revealed that they would be "reviewing" their name.

In other words - they will be changing it.

The franchise has resisted changing their name in the past, though pressure has really been ratcheted up as of late. Fed-Ex, which has the naming rights to Washington's stadium, called on the franchise to change their name following pressure from several key investors in the company.

The pressure was finally too much, and the Redskins finally seem ready to relent after years of calls for change.


The question becomes - what will the franchise now be called?

There are, of course, betting odds for what the new name of the franchise will be.

The current favourites are:

Washington Presidents
Washington Generals
Washington Lincolns

Here are the complete odds, courtesy of a major offshore sportsbook:

Washington Presidents, +300
Washington Generals, +400
Washington Lincolns, +400
Washington Americans, +500
Washington Kings, +500
Washington Memorials, +500
Washington Capitols, +600
Washington Veterans, +600
Washington Jeffersons, +700
Washington Roosevelts, +700
Washington Monuments, +800
Washington Arlingtons, +1000


Given recent events in the country, Washington Lincolns would seem to be a strong possibility.


The value of the Washington Redskins franchise will likely take a hit on the re-branding, which is almost certain to happen.

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