Denver Broncos Falling Off The Pace

Published on December 30th, 2014 9:43 pm EST
When the season started, oddsmakers had the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos listed as the two clear favourites to win the Super Bowl.

With the regular season now in the books, the odds for the remaining 12 teams to win the Super Bowl have now been set. Here they are:

Seattle Seahawks, 3.25
New England Patriots, 3.50
Denver Broncos, 7.00
Green Bay Packers, 7.00
Dallas Cowboys, 11.00
Pittsburgh Steelers, 23.00
Carolina Panthers, 34.00
Baltimore Ravens, 41.00
Cincinnati Bengals, 41.00
Detroit Lions, 41.00
Indianapolis Colts, 41.00
Arizona Cardinals, 67.00

The Seattle Seahawks have hit their stride heading into the postseason, as they have won six games in a row. Their defense is back on top as well, having given up just 39 points in the last 6 games.

The Patriots, despite getting off to a very shaky start this season, have rounded into form at just the perfect time. Many people expect that the Seahawks will square off against the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Next up - the Broncos and the Packers. Both are very good teams, but both will not enjoy having home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Can the Broncos beat the Patriots in New England? Can the Packers beat the Seahawks in Seattle? Aaron Rodgers is hurt and Peyton Manning has clearly been off in recent weeks, which has led bookmakers to conclude that the chances of either the Broncos or Packers making the Super Bowl are not extremely good.


The Dallas Cowboys had a tremendous regular season but how will Tony Romo perform in the playoffs?

The Pittsburgh Steelers turned their season around but how will they perform with an injured Le'Veon Bell?

Can teams like the Lions, Colts or Bengals surprise?

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