Tony Ferguson 4/9 Favorite To Win UFC 216 Main Event

Published on October 1st, 2017 6:19 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel
Tony Ferguson vs. Kevin Lee - MMA matchup - Mixed Martial Arts - UFC event. The main event of UFC 216 next weekend will see Tony Ferguson take on Kevin Lee in an interim Lightweight title fight.

There is plenty on the line for the winner of Ferguson/Lee on Saturday night, as there is a decent chance that Conor McGregor will fight the interim title holder next. The consensus is that the UFC wants Diaz vs McGregor 3 next (as it is the biggest money fight that the promotion can put on right now), though there is the possibility that Diaz and the UFC won't be able to come to terms, which would likely result in McGregor defending his title against the winner of Ferguson/Lee next.


Tony Ferguson has the edge heading into Saturday night's fight - here are the betting odds as of this moment:

Tony Ferguson, 4/9
Kevin Lee, 15/8

Here are the total rounds betting odds:

Over 2.5, 8/11
Under 2.5, 11/10

Over 1.5, 5/13
Under 1.5, 2/1

Over 3.5, 6/5
Under 3.5, 2/3

Tony Ferguson certainly has the experience advantage heading into this fight, though Kevin Lee is a bit of an unknown quantity. Ferguson will look to grind out Kevin Lee over the course of the five round fight - Ferguson is nasty, well-rounded and has a nearly endless cardio tank, which is why he is getting the advantage from the oddsmakers.


The winner of this fight may win the "McGregor" lottery ticket, especially if the victor can win in an impressive fashion and then talk some trash on the microphone afterwards. McGregor has said that he will be observing the situation to see where things shake out, which is why the Ferguson/Lee fight has taken on such importance in the Lightweight division.

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