Terrell Davis Forgot To Take His Medicine Before Super Bowl

Published on February 22nd, 2023 11:46 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Terrell Davis playing for Denver Broncos.  The Super Bowl migraine headache story. Anybody who has ever dealt with migraine headaches knows how hard it is to function when you are having an attack.

Imagine playing in a NFL game, with 300-pound linemen chasing after you, when you are suffering from a dehabilitating migraine headache?

Now, imagine winning the Super Bowl MVP while dealing with a migraine.

When the Denver Broncos played the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXII, running back Terrell Davis was expected to break the back of the Green Bay defense.

Davis prepared tirelessly for the big game, though in all of the excitement, he forgot something extremely important:

He forgot to take his medicine.

Davis, who had dealt with migraine headaches all of his life, would take his migraine headache medicine with his pre-game meal.

This medicine allowed Davis to largely avoid the crippling migraines that would essentially take him out of the game.

Davis, however, forgot to take his medicine.


After taking a hard hit from a defender, Davis' worst nightmare came to life - a migraine headache appeared.

One of the symptoms of a migraine headache is a loss or distortion of vision - not exactly ideal for a NFL running back.

According to Davis, his vision went, and he couldn't really make out what was going on around him.

He informed his coach, Mike Shanahan, that he was having trouble seeing due to his migraine.

Would Davis be pulled from the game? Would Davis serve as a decoy, which is what Shanahan suggested?


Instead, Terrell Davis was going to grit it out, migraine or not.


Terrell Davis would laugh in his migraine's face, as he would end up winning Super Bowl MVP as he led the Broncos to a 31-24 victory.

Terrell Davis would rush for 157 yards and three touchdowns on the day, while adding an additional 8 receiving yards.

Davis would score two touchdowns in the second half, including the game-clinching touchdown at the end of the game.

Terrell Davis, who had forgotten to take his headache medicine and had his eyesight severely impaired due to the migraine, was the deciding factor in the game.


Davis would never forget to take his migraine headache medicine again.

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