Sports Clubs / Ultras: A.S. Roma - Fedayn

A.S. Roma has perhaps one of the most well-known ultra groups in Italy. They call themselves the Fedayn, which roughly translates to "the devotees" and comes from a group of Iranian guerilla fighters that have been forgotten. Yet, this is not the only group that supports Roma.

Before 1977, many different fan groups supported the Roman-based club. However, it was this year that those groups came together and formed the Commando Ultra Curva Sud, and became famous in the 80s for their large visual displays. However, the group broke up again in 1987 and now there are different ultras - including the Fedayn.

One of the most common incidents with these Roma ultras comes in the form of stabbings. Especially games against foreign teams, these ultras make themselves known. There were incidents in 2001, 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2017, all just against English clubs and fans. Thus, the British media have given Rome the nickname of "Stab City".

However, it is against local rivals Lazio that Roma fans bring the most animosity towards. In 1979, a Lazio fan was hit by a flare and died inside the stadium during the Derby della Capitale. Napoli fan Ciro Esposito was shot and killed by Roma ultra Daniele De Santis in 2014. Roma ultras seem to celebrate this fact, having had banners celebrating him.

While the Roma ultras evolved out of the middle-class fans (to oppose the upper-class fans of Lazio), the ultras and fans in general now are spread across a wider array of economic classes.

Considering that as recently as 2018 Roma supporters have clashed with foreign opposition (Liverpool at Anfield), it doesn't seem likely that the Fedayn or any other groups are going away. Hopefully the stabbing stops, but the passion continues.


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