"Ruthless" Robbie Lawler Currently -220 To Win

Published on July 25th, 2016 7:19 pm EST
The main event of this weekend's UFC 201 fight card will see "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler square off against Tyron Woodley in a Welterweight title fight.

Lawler is known for his iron chin and fierceness in the Octagon, while Woodley possesses quickness and knockout power of his own. Fans are expecting a bloody slugfest when Lawler and Woodley step into the Octagon.

According to the oddsmakers, Lawler is a sizeable favorite to win - here are the current straight up betting odds:

Robbie Lawler, -220
Tyron Woodley, +180

According to these odds, a successful $220 wager on Lawler would yield a total profit of 100, while a successful $100 bet on Woodley would return a total of $180.

Oddsmakers are expecting a fairly lengthy fight - here are the Total Rounds odds:

1.5 Rounds, Over (-333), Under (+240)
2.5 Rounds, Over (-150), Under (+110)
3.5 Rounds, Over (-110), Under (-125)
4.5 Rounds, Over (+120), Under (-163)


This should be an outstanding fight - in my opinion, Woodley has a much better chance than +180 of winning this fight and represents some outstanding value. Woodley is a fantastic wrestler who has enough power in his hands to finish the fight if given the chance. On the other hand, Lawler is an absolute beast who has shown that his chin is the stuff of legends.

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