Can Matt Brown Continue To Surprise About Robbie Lawler?

Published on July 25th, 2014 5:01 pm EST
Later this evening, "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler will be squaring off against Matt "The Immortal" Brown in the main event of the latest edition of UFC on Fox.

There is a great deal on the line in this tilt, as the winner has been promised a shot at Johnny Hendricks and the Welterweight title, while the loser will have to work their way back up the ladder.

Robbie Lawler has been on an absolute tear since rejoining the UFC, notching victories over the likes of Jake Ellenberger and Josh Koscheck. Lawler recently fought for the title, losing to Johny Hendricks in a thrilling five round bout.

Matt Brown, on the other hand, is coming off of an equally thrilling victory over Erick Silva and is widely regarded as being one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC.


Robbie Lawler is being given the big edge in this fight, as evidenced by the odds listed below:

Robbie Lawler, 1.28
Matt Brown, 3.75

A successful $100 wager on Lawler would yield a total profit of just $28, while a successful $100 bet on Matt Brown would return a profit of nearly $300.

Robbie Lawler is seen as having the edge on the feet due to his crisper striking. The general line of thought is that Lawler will attack Brown's body, which is an area where "The Immortal" has certainly shown some weakness over his past two fights.

Another troubling point for Brown backers - he was unable to make weight yesterday and may be suffering from the results of a poor weight cut. Brown has a tendency to start slow and come on strong - how will his failed weight cut impact that tendency?


This should be an absolutely fantastic bout - I can't wait.

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