Six First Round Quarterbacks Continues To Be The Record

Published on April 2nd, 2021 6:47 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

An interesting statistic when it comes to the NFL Draft. In the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft, five quarterbacks - Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Mac Jones, Justin Fields and Trey Lance - are expected to be taken in the first round.

If all five are taken in the first round, the 2021 NFL Draft would have the second-most QBs taken in the first round of the draft, tying with 2018 and 1999.

The record belongs to the 1983 NFL Draft, when six quarterbacks were taken in the first round.


The 1983 NFL Draft was hands-down the best ever for the drafting of quarterbacks.

Take a look at the quarterbacks that were drafted in the first round that year:

1. John Elway
7. Todd Blackledge
14. Jim Kelly
15. Tony Eason
24. Ken O'Brien
27. Dan Marino

In that class you had three Hall of Famers, including arguably two of the best quarterbacks of all time in John Elway and Dan Marino.


There have been two years when five QBs were taken in the first round of the NFL Draft.

They are:


1. Baker Mayfield
3. Sam Darnold
7. Josh Allen
10. Josh Rosen
32. Lamar Jackson


1. Tim Couch
2. Donovan McNabb
3. Akili Smith
11. Daunte Culpepper
12. Cade McNown

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