Philadelphia Eagles Sacked The New York Giants 14 Times on October 26th, 1952

Published on July 24th, 2022 2:39 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

The records for most team and most individual sacks in a football game. What is the record for most team sacks in a single NFL game?

The overall record is currently held by the Philadelphia Eagles, who sacked the New York Giants a total of 14 times on October 26th, 1952.

The record for most team sacks in the "modern" NFL is 12 sacks, and this is shared by a number of different teams, including the 1985 Dallas Cowboys and 1984 Chicago Bears.


It was a chilly Sunday afternoon on October 26th, 1952. 21,458 people turned out to the Polo Grounds in New York to watch the 3-2 Giants host the 3-2 Philadelphia Eagles.

The story of the game - the defenses, especially the defense of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles would give the quarterbacking tandem of Charlie Conerly and Fred Benners fits all game, as they took down the quarterbacks a total of 14 times.

In total, the Giants lost 127 yards due to sacks.


The game, surprisingly enough, was a close one, as the Eagles would win 14-10.

Despite getting sacked 14 times, the Giants didn't turn the ball over once in the game - in fact, there was only 1 turnover in the entire game, and that came when the Giants blocked a punt and scored a touchdown in the third quarter.

The Giants, as you can imagine, didn't have much in the way of offense in the game, as they managed just 109 total offensive yards and 12 first downs.


The record for most sacks in a game by a single player?

That'd be Derrick Thomas of the Kansas City Chiefs, who recorded 8 sacks in 1990.

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