Wayne Gretzky Lays Claim To Points Per Game Record

Published on November 23rd, 2021 2:42 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Points Per Game in the NHL is held by the legendary Wayne Gretzky. Leon Draisaitl is currently averaging over 2 points per game so far this NHL season, while teammate Connor McDavid is right behind him at 1.88 points per game.

If Draisaitl and McDavid keep up this pace (which is obviously a tall order), this would be the highest output season (in terms of PPG) in over 25 years.


It should not surprise you to learn that the record for most PPG in a single NHL season (with a minimum of 50 games played) is held by the "Great One", Wayne Gretzky.

Gretzky, in fact, holds the top two entrants on the list, while Mario Lemieux is right behind him.

In the 1983-84 regular season, Gretzky finished with 205 points in 74 games, giving him a total of 2.77 points per game.

In the 1985-86 regular season, Gretzky finished with 215 points in 80 games, giving him 2.69 points per game.

Mario Lemieux would notch 160 points in 60 games in the 1992-93 season, giving him 2.67 points per game.

Gretzky also has the #4 spot on this list, as he scored 212 points during the 1981-82 regular season, giving him an average of 2.65 points per game.

Lemieux is also #5 on the list, as he scored 199 points in 76 games during the 1988-89 regular season, giving him 2.62 points per game.


Gretzky and Lemieux absolutely dominate this list.

In fact, you need to go down to the #18 spot on the list to find somebody not named Gretzky or Lemieux.

This spot is held by Phil Esposito, who averaged 1.95 points per game in the 1970-71 regular season.

Note: Bill Cowley averaged 1.97 points per game in the 1943-44 regular season, though he only played 36 games, so he did not technically qualify for the list.


In this day and age, there is much more parity compared to the 1980s, plus the overall quality of player is much higher.

For that reason, Gretzky's record is likely safe for a long, long time.

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