Derby Stakes Betting Odds

Race Details:

Date: 2025.06.07
Grade: 1
Open To: Three Year-Old Fillies and Colts
Track: Turf
Length: 2,420 Metres
Location: England

The Derby Stakes, aka "The Derby", is a Group 1 flat horse race that takes place at the Epsom Downs racecourse on the first Saturday in June of each year.

The Epsom Downs Racecourse is known for its unique and challenging track, which includes sharp turns and an uphill finish, testing the skill and stamina of both horses and jockeys.

Derby Stakes is one of the most popular horse races in Europe.The race, which is open to all three year-old colts and fillies, is one of the biggest races in England, with a purse that easily tops £1,000,000.

The race is run over a distance of 1 mile, 4 furlongs, and 6 yards (approximately 2,420 meters).

The Derby, which began in 1780, is one of the biggest horse races in Europe, with a massive global TV audience.

The inaugural race was held in 1780. It was named after Edward Smith-Stanley, the 12th Earl of Derby, following a coin toss between him and Sir Charles Bunbury, another influential figure in racing history. For sponsorship reasons, the event is currently called the Betfred Derby and the festival is called the the Betfred Derby Festival.

The Derby is the middle leg of the English Triple Crown, flanked by the 2,000 Guineas and the St Leger Stakes. However, winning the Triple Crown is extremely rare in modern racing.


2024 Winner:

Horse: City Of Troy
Jockey: Ryan Moore
Trainer: A P O'Brien

2025 Derby Stakes Betting Odds:

The odds for the The Derby will be posted closer to the event date. The race is to be held on Saturday, June 7th, 2025.


The Derby is a highlight of the British social and sporting calendar, attracting extensive media coverage, a large audience, and notable guests, including members of the British Royal Family. It has also inspired numerous other "Derby" races around the world, such as the Kentucky Derby in the United States.


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