Maravich Averaged 44.2 Points Per Game Over 83 Game Career

Published on November 22nd, 2023 5:21 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Pete Maravich and his ridiculous numbers in college basketball. "Pistol Pete" Maravich holds the record for most total points in a college basketball career.

Maravich finished his college basketball career with 3,667 points, narrowly edging out Antoine Davis, who finished three points behind.

The difference?

Maravich played 83 college basketball games, while Davis played 144.


Maravich, who played for LSU, played three seasons on the varsity team - his sophomore, junior and senior years.

His stats over these three years were staggering, as Maravich averaged 43.8 points, 44.2 points and 44.5 points for each respective year.

On top of that, Maravich also averaged 6.4 rebounds and 5.1 assists over the course of his career.


To demonstrate how ridiculous Maravich's numbers were - over the course of his college basketball career, he averaged 44.2 points per game.

The next closest player?

Oscar Robertson, who averaged 33.8 points per game during his time at Cincinnati.

Elvin Hayes averaged 31 points per game, Freeman Williams averaged 30.7 points per game and Larry Bird averaged 30.3 points per game over the course of their respective college basketball careers.


Unsurprisingly, Maravich received a number of awards over the course of his college career, including 3x All-American, 3X SEC Player of the Year and 2X USBWA Player of the Year.

Maravich was the third overall selection of the4 1970 NBA Draft, where he was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks.

Maravich enjoyed a successful career in the NBA, where he averaged over 24 points per game and over 5 assists.

Maravich's best year in the NBA came during the 1976-77 season, where he averaged over 31 points per game.

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