Over 1/4 of Total Money Has Been Wagered on These Two Games

Published on December 22nd, 2016 6:00 pm EST
William Hill US, which services the Nevada online gaming market, posted some interesting information earlier this week regarding how gamblers have been wagering their money on the upcoming Bowl games.

The company posted a chart via their Twitter account that shows the % of money wagered on point spreads for the upcoming Bowl games as of December 19th.

Unsurprisingly, Alabama vs Washington is one of the leaders, with 13% of total money being wagered on their upcoming playoff semi-final. Alabama is the highest ranked team in the nation and one of the most popular, so this result shouldn't surprise you. In addition, Washington is a very popular team in the Northwest of the United States, for obvious reasons.

If you had to choose the second most popular Bowl games with gamblers, which game would you pick? Florida State vs Michigan? Clemson vs Ohio State?

If you picked Wake Forest vs Temple, you have just earned yourself a blue ribbon. Surprisingly enough, 13% of total money has been wagered on the Military Bowl, matching the total amount bet on Alabama vs Washington.

The Fiesta Bowl, which features the other playoff semi-final game, is quite a bit down the list at 4% of total money wagered.


Here is the complete list, courtesy of William Hill US:

Washington vs Alabama, 13%
Wake Forest vs Temple, 13%
Indiana vs Utah, 7%
Florida State vs Michigan, 6%
Western Michigan vs Wisconsin, 5%
LSU vs Louisville, 5%
Memphis vs Western Kentucky, 5%
Ohio State vs Clemson, 4%
BYU vs Wyoming, 4%
Washington State vs Minnesota, 4%
USC vs Penn State, 4%
North Carolina vs Stanford, 3%
Auburn vs Oklahoma, 3%
Vanderbilt vs NC State, 2%
LA Tech vs Navy, 2%
Nebraska vs Tennessee, 2%
Oklahoma State vs Colorado, 2%
TCU vs Georgia, 2%
Iowa vs Florida, 2%
Baylor vs Boise State, 2%


At the end of the day, the National Championship game, which will pit the winner of Alabama/Washington vs the winner of Clemson/Ohio State, should generate the biggest betting numbers.

Source: William Hill US

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