Senators vs Penguins Game 1 Betting Odds

Published on May 14th, 2013 5:27 pm EST
The surging Ottawa Senators, fresh off of a surprisingly easy win over the Canadiens in Round 1, will travel to Pittsburgh to start their series with the Penguins later tonight.

The Pittsburgh Penguins, led by Crosby and Malkin, are one of the top teams in the NHL and certainly one of the favourites to win the Stanley Cup. However, the Senators have outperformed expectations all year, and the Penguins will have to be at the top of their game to get past the scrappy team from Ottawa.

Here are the current betting odds for Game 1 on Tuesday night:

Ottawa Senators, +1 1/2, -160
Pittsburgh Penguins, -1 1/2, +140

Ottawa Senators, +180
Pittsburgh Penguins, -220

So, if you wanted to bet on the game straight up, a successful $100 wager on the Senators would return a total profit of $180, while a successful $220 bet on the Penguins would return a potential profit of $100.

Finally, the over/under odds:

Over 5 1/2, EVEN
Under 5 1/2, -120


The big storyline in this series is going to be goaltending.

Ottawa's goaltender, Craig Anderson, has been superlative all year, and was practically unbeatable in the series against the Habs.

The Penguins, however, turned to Tomas Vokoun to get past the New York Islanders, as Fleury was dramatically under performing.

Will the Penguins continue to go with Vokoun? How will he hold up against the Senators? How will Anderson fare against the high-powered attack of the Pittsburgh Penguins?

We'll start to find out tonight - this should be an interesting series between two teams that legitimately don't like one another.

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