Odds of McGregor vs Aldo II Happening Next Currently Sit at +125

Published on August 31st, 2016 7:29 pm EST
According to oddsmaker Sports Interaction, Jose Aldo currently has the slight edge to fight against Featherweight champion Conor McGregor next.

When Conor McGregor receives a clean bill of health, the UFC will almost certainly announce that he will be fighting on the UFC 205 card in New York this fall.

Shortly after McGregor defeated Nate Diaz at UFC 202 earlier this month, UFC President Dana White revealed that McGregor has two choices for his next fight - drop to Featherweight to defend his title against Jose Aldo, or fight Eddie Alvarez for the 155 pound title.

McGregor has been fairly dismissive about the idea of a potential rematch against Aldo, which led many to believe that a fight against Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 was inevitable.

Sports Interaction, however, thinks differently, as they still believe that Jose Aldo has the best chance of fighting McGregor next.

There is also an outside chance of an immediate rubber match between McGregor and Diaz, though Dana White seems to be completely against that idea, despite the fact that Diaz is already angling for the fight.


Here are the odds for McGregor's next fight:

Jose Aldo, +125
Eddie Alvarez, +137
Nate Diaz, +600
Georges St. Pierre, +1000
Nick Diaz, +1200
Tyron Woodley, +2800
Frankie Edgar, +4000
Stephen Thompson, +5000
Ronda Rousey, +50000
Brock Lesnar, +50000


The smart money seems to be banking on a McGregor/Alvarez tilt next, though McGregor promised that there was some crazy stuff coming down the line.

Is there anything to the McGregor/GSP rumor? Will the UFC veer off course and sign Amir Khan to come to the UFC to fight McGregor?

I can't wait to find out.

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