New England Patriots Currently Listed at 6.00 To Go 16-0

Published on November 17th, 2015 9:08 pm EST
Following the surprising defeat of the Cincinnati Bengals by the Houston Texans on Monday Night Football earlier this week, there are currently two unbeaten teams remaining in the NFL - the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers.

When the season started, many people assumed that Tom Brady would be eager to absolutely destroy the league following the NFL's failed attempt to suspend him for four games due to his role in the "Deflate-Gate" scandal. The Patriots, with the likes of Brady, Gronk, Edelman and LaFell, were poised to have a big year, especially with a motivated Tom Brady. To nobody's surprise, the Patriots have rocketed out of the gate, posting a massive amount of points en route to attaining a 9-0 record through their first nine games of the year.

The Carolina Panthers, on the other hand, have been quite a different story.

The Panthers, led by MVP candidate Cam Newton, have also started the season 9-0, though the way in which they have done it has left many people unimpressed. The Panthers never look particularly great en route to their victories, though they do keep winning. Cam Newton is a prime example of this way of thinking, as his numbers are far from impressive so far this season, especially when compared to Tom Brady.


According to the bookmakers, here are the odds for both the Patriots and Panthers to go 16-0 this season:

New England Patriots, 6.00
Carolina Panthers, 23.00

The hardest games that are left on the Patriots schedule are away games against the Broncos and Jets. The Panthers, on the other hand, has one tough contest left on their schedule, as they will travel to Atlanta on December 13th to do battle against the Atlanta Falcons.

There is a real belief out there that the Patriots are talented enough to go 19-0 this season (including three playoff wins), though a recent injury to Julian Edelman will definitely hurt.


Will either of these teams go 16-0 this season?

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