Oakland Raiders Could Enjoy Most Improbable Run to Playoffs - Ever

Published on December 26th, 2019 1:30 am EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

The last week of regular season is upon us in the American football league.  Oakland Riders are in the spotlight. It wasn't that long ago when Derek Carr was getting booed off of the field and the Oakland Raiders were once again looking ahead to the promise of next season.

Heading into Week 16, the Raiders had a less than 1% chance of making the playoffs.

In addition to five things happening in Week 16, the Raiders would need ANOTHER five things to go their way in Week 17 to make the playoffs.

Lo and behold, all five things that the Raiders needed to happen in Week 16 ended up happening. This included a Raiders win over the Los Angeles Chargers (who absolutely fell apart on the perfect week for the Raiders) and the Jets defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Everything went according to plan for the Raiders, and their chances of making the playoffs rose from <1% to between 7-10%, depending on who you ask.

If you are a Raiders fan, you need these five things to happen in Week 17 and the Raiders would then clinch a wild card spot. Here they are:

1. A victory by New England, Detroit, the Los Angeles Chargers or the Chicago Bears.

Prognosis: Very favorable.

New England still has something to play for in Week 17, and it seems hard to imagine that they would collapse against the Miami Dolphins at home. Even if the Patriots lose, Raiders' fans would only need one of the remaining three games to go their way.

2. Oakland Beats Denver on the Road.

Prognosis: Coin Toss.

If you want to go to the playoffs, you need to win the important games. If the Raiders lose this game on the road, they'll be out.

This game will be played in cold temperatures, which doesn't bode well for the Raiders, though the Broncos aren't exactly world-beaters either. If the Raiders can win this game and the Patriots (or any of the other three teams listed above) manages to win, they'll still need three more games to go their way:

3. Ravens Beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Prognosis: Favorable.

Sure, the Ravens will be resting some of their starters, including Lamar Jackson.

With that being said, the Ravens would love nothing more than to block the Steelers from making the playoffs. The Steelers still have a number of key injuries as well, so they will also be playing short-handed. Despite the Ravens sitting some of their best players, they should still have a great chance of winning this game, especially at home.

4. Indianapolis Beats the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Prognosis: Coin Toss.

Neither the Colts nor the Jaguars have anything to play for, so it's hard to say how this game will go. The Colts looked fantastic last week, while the Jaguars looked terrible. It will be hard for Raiders' fans to really bank on the outcome of this game going their way.

5. Houston Beats Tennessee.

Prognosis: Tough to say.

If the Chiefs beat the Chargers on Sunday morning, the Texans will have nothing to play for and will almost certainly rest their starters for most or all of the game.

Ryan Tannehill and the Tennessee Titans have been much improved as of late, and if the Texans are resting their starters, the Titans will likely have the clear advantage to win.

So, in short, the Raiders could also benefit from the Chargers beating the Chiefs as well, as it would give the Texans something to play for.


The Raiders took a bad beat when the Ravens clinched the #1 seed in the AFC, and they will also receive more bad luck if the Chiefs defeat the Chargers.

At the very least, however, the Raiders are in contention to make the playoffs going into the last week of the regular season. If you had asked Raiders' fans before the season, they probably would have taken that.

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