Sports Nicknames - Garcom, Ice Man, German Sniper

Toni Kroos is the German football superstar, who plays for Real Madrid in a central midfielder role.

Toni Kroos - The German Sniper - Illustration.  Profile drawing.  Player bio.  Avatar image.

Toni is tall, athletic and can shoot the ball from far with precision, which earned him the nickname "German Sniper". Kroos is hardworking and dynamic and he orchestrates the play from midfield. He is a free kick and corner specialist, and he executes them cold bloodedly. His ability to stay calm under pressure is why his teammates at Real Madrid call him the "Ice Man". Toni is also nicknamed "Garcom" by his Brazilian teammates, which in Portuguese language means "waiter". The delivery of his passes to the strikers is that good.

Toni spent his younger days climbing up the youth ranks at Bayern Munich and was promoted to the first team at the age of 17. He set the club record for the youngest player to ever play in a professional match.

Kroos has played in three World Cups and three European Cups for his native Germany, winning the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. He has eventually retired from international duty to focus on club football in Spain.

With Real Madrid, playing alongside Luka Modric in midfield, the Ice Man has won three UEFA Champions Leagues in a row. Personally, among many trophies and awards, the German Player of the Year award he won in 2018 stands out.


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