Sports Nicknames - Bug

Tim Hardaway was an outstanding point guard in the 1990s NBA.

Tim Hardaway, aka, the Bug, profile illustration.  Art.  Drawing.

He was a dynamic player, easily moving up and down the court, grabbing rebounds, and quickly transitioning into offense. He had a solid build, which added to his versatility.

People knew him as "Tim-Bug" or simply "Bug."

In the basketball world, Hardaway quickly rose to prominence, as one of the most thrilling young talents to watch.

He was known for his "killer crossover" or "UTEP two-step," a dribble that consistently left defenders struggling to keep up.

He preferred taking on opponents directly, effortlessly driving to the basket.

Hardaway could both score and set up plays, maintaining an average in double digits for points while also providing assists.

He played a crucial role in the Golden State Warriors' "Run TMC" era, forming a trio with Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin. Their games were marked by a rapid pace and high scores.

His success didn't wane when he joined the Miami Heat; he was instrumental in leading them to several playoff appearances.

At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Hardaway won a gold medal with the U.S. basketball team.


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