Sports Nicknames - The Diesel, Man of Steel

Shaquille O'Neal is a retired NBA player that still manages to make his huge presence felt. The 7-foot-1-inch (2.16 m) center made his name in the NBA, but has since participated in many different fields, including rapping, DJing, and starring in his own shows and movies.

Shaquille ONeal sporting a suit and tie.  Illustration.  Profile drawing.  Art.  The Diesel.

O'Neal started his professional career after being drafted as No. 1 to the Orlando Magic from Louisiana State University. He immediately made an impact, winning Rookie of the Year in 1993. However, it wasn't until "Shaq's" move to the Los Angeles Lakers that he would start to win team trophies. Even then, it took him until the 1999-00 season to win his first. But this started a series of 3 consecutive tournament wins for O'Neal and the team.

Shaq's career wasn't to last in California, with his very public feud with Kobe Bryant driving him to leave for the Miami Heat. It was here that O'Neal won his 4th NBA championship. This would be the last of Shaq's championship trophies, but not his career. He would play for a total of 19 years for 6 teams, becoming one of 32 athletes in American pro sports history to have their jersey number retired by multiple teams (Lakers & Heat).

Shaq picked up many nicknames throughout his career, including "The Diesel", "Shaq Fu", "The Big Daddy", "Superman", "The Big Agave" and much more. Retiring in 2011, Shaq has continued to be involved in a great many fields. He has acted as a pundit, actor, DJ, rapper and more across many years.

Shaq might not have won as much as he initially seemed like he would, but still has to go down as one of the best players in NBA history. His ability in the center position was recognized across the league, nearly revolutionizing the position. There's a reason so many people today still know his name and abilities.


Shaquille O'Neal was also called "The Man of Steel" because of the Superman tattoo he inked on his left arm.


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