Sports Nicknames - Mountain That Plays Tennis

If you haven't heard of Serena Williams at this point, it's actually impressive. The greatest female tennis player to ever step onto the court. She has remained at No.1 for so long and won so many titles that it is hard to argue against that statement.

Profile illustration - Serena Williams - Art.  Drawing.  Avatar.  The Mountain That Plays Tennis.

Williams trained for tennis from a young age, even as young as under 10. This led to her making her professional debut in 1995 at 14. She performed poorly, but that showed her determination to perform. By 1999, Serena had improved massively, becoming a top 10 player.

In 2003, Serena would hold all Grand Slam singles titles simultaneously, with this feat being dubbed the "Serena Slam". This was a feat that she would repeat 12 years later when she won the 2015 Wimbledon Championships.

Of course, no athlete can last at the top forever. In 2017, it was revealed Williams was pregnant, which required her to take time away from the sport. Upon returning, she has faced injuries and a decline in the mountainous form that she had throughout the 2000s and first half of the 2010s.

In total, the Mountain That Plays Tennis has won 33 Grand Slam titles including: 6 US Opens, 7 Wimbledons, 7 Australian Opens, and 3 French Opens. This isn't even looking at the 14 Doubles Opens that she dominated with her sister Venus.

It truly is a hard argument to make that "Serena Stoutarm" is not the best to ever play women's tennis. She has remained at the top for so long and won in such convincing fashion that she has left a large mark on the sport of women's tennis. One day she will retire, and that will certainly be a sad day for women's tennis.


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