Sports Nicknames - Mozart of Chess, Justin Bieber of Chess

There is one man who plays chess better than anyone else on the planet at this moment (and for the past decade) and that man is Magnus Carlsen. Iconic performances and outstanding levels of success have characterized his career and fetched him a number of eye-catching nicknames.

The number one chess player - Magnus Carlsen aka The Mozart and Justin Bieber of the sport - Illustration.  Profile drawing.  Avatar art.


Based on his remarkable performances and an immaculate record, Carlsen has had some of the most iconic nicknames. From being called Global GOAT to being related to Justin Bieber, he has had it all.


The undisputed King of Chess, who has held the top spot for more than a decade now, is undoubtedly the Greatest of All-Time when it comes to chess. Fans have used posters and play cards to portray him as a GOAT. If there is one person in the world of chess who richly and truly deserves to be called GOAT, it is Magnus Carlsen.

The Mozart of Chess:

Lubomir Kavalek, the influential writer for Washington Post, gave Carlsen his most iconic and world-famous nickname. In his writing, the former chess legend called Carlsen the "Mozart of Chess."

While the title itself is very pleasing and encouraging, the fact that a chess great gave him the title further adds to its glory.

For those who don't know, Mozart was a classical composer whose timeless music rules the hearts of music lovers even today. Fans found a similar elegance in Carlsen's playing style and loved the tag used by Kavalek.

Carlsen's contributions and achievements in Chess remain unmatched, and he deservingly is called the "Mozart of Chess."

Justin Bieber of Chess:

From one music great to another sensation from the music industry, Magnus Carlsen has enjoyed some fine nicknames. Magnus Carlsen rose to prominence at a young age as he became the world champion at the tender age of twenty-two. On the basis of his flawless performances, charming personality and good looks, he has been given the nickname "Justin Bieber of Chess."

Achievements and Accomplishments:

If there is one name that has become synonymous with chess mastery, It's Magnus Carlsen. Carlsen is a Norwegian chess grandmaster who has achieved everything in the world of Chess. An artist, an expert, and a maestro, Carlsen is a five-time World Chess Champion, three-time World Rapid Chess Champion, and a 5-time World Blitz Chess Champion. The great man has held the number one ranking since 2011 and is in no mood to give it up anytime soon.


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