Sports Nicknames - The Magic Dwarf

Philipp Lahm was one of the greatest defenders of his generation, and quite possibly of all time. The tactical intelligence, tackling ability and passing that he displayed week in, week out was widely applauded throughout his career. This, in addition to his small stature, gave him the nickname of the "Magic Dwarf".

Philipp Lahm, the famous German footballer.  Illustration.  Profile drawing.  Avatar art.  The Magic Dwarf.  Bayern Munich superstar.

Lahm spent almost the entirety of his career at German giants Bayern Munich, with only a 2 year loan to VfB Stuttgart interrupting him from being a 1-club player. Lahm played the first few years of his time in the first team of Bayern at left back, despite many knowing him as a right back for the majority of his career. He scored in the penalty shootout, but lost the 2012 Champions League trophy to Cheslea. He made up for it the next year, winning a treble of the Bundesliga, DFB Pokal and Champions League.

When Pep Guardiola arrived in 2013, Lahm was moved to a new position: defensive midfielder. Pep claimed that due to Lahm's intelligence, he could play anywhere on the pitch and perform well. While he was winning trophy after trophy with Bayern, he would have success with the German national team as well. He appeared in 3 World Cups, winning the competition in 2014.

Lahm's trophy cabinet is rather full, winning 8 Bundesliga titles, 6 DFB Pokals, a Champions League and a World Cup. He's also one of the fairest defenders to ever play the game, picking up only 20 yellow cards over his 331 Bundesliga appearances with zero red cards included.

The Magic Dwarf certainly seemed to have a formula for success and used that to the max throughout his career. There's a reason that Lahm was (and remains) one of the most praised defenders to play the game.


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