Sports Nicknames - The Super Brat, McBrat

In 1981, John McEnroe won his first ever Wimbledon title at the tender age of 22. Following that, he chose to miss the much-valued Wimbledon Winners Dinner. This just was his attitude and mindset. He was a loudmouth, aggressive, ambitious, and highly expressive young man who didn't care for anything. He would put his focus on his games and performances but would never be scared of voicing his opinions and thoughts. You simply could not ignore him on or off the field.

The USA tennis player John McEnroe - Nicknamed The Super Brat and McBrat - Profile illustration.  Drawing.  Digital art.  Avatar.

All this hype, aggression, ability, and anger fetched him a great deal of criticism and earned him the nickname "The Super Brat." Brat is a derogatory term often used to refer to spoiled and misbehaving kids.

The British Press severely criticized McEnroe for his behavior at Wimbledon. Prior to missing the winner's dinner, McEnroe had been involved in a number of other offenses and on-court verbal spats during the championship. Eventually, a Daily Express article termed him "SuperBrat," and the nickname caught on.

Other iterations of McEnroe's names:

McEnroe has also been referred to as McBrat in an attempt to relate a part of his name to the controversial part of his personality.

Career Achievements:

As a player, McEnroe achieved all that a player could dream of. He was a multi-dimensional player who excelled in the Singles and the Doubles game. He finished his career with the most combined tennis titles in the Open Era. He won a total of 77 Men's Singles Titles (6th most in the open era) and 78 Men's doubles titles (5th most in the Open Era). In the mixed doubles category, he won his first and only title at the French Open Tennis tournament in 1977.

The Only Player in the Tennis History:

McEnroe excelled at the Singles and Doubles level by winning titles in both categories. His dominant performances made him the only player in the history of tennis to be ranked Number-1 in both Singles and Doubles rankings simultaneously. No other player has ever been ranked first in both singles and doubles categories at the same time.

McEnroe won a total of 7 Grand Slam Singles Titles (Three Wimbledon titles and four US Open Titles) and Nine Grand Slam Doubles titles (Five Wimbledon and Four US Open Titles).

Arguably, McEnroe was the greatest tennis player of all time and had the attitude of a Tennis Superstar that made him stand out in his own distinctive manner.


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