Sports Nicknames - The Kidd, Mr. Triple Double, The Engine

Jason Kidd is among the few NBA players who transitioned from a playing career to a coaching stint in a very smooth and convincing manner. After a 19-year-long career that dates back to 1994, Kidd went from a player to a coach in 2013. Since then he has coached multiple teams. He is among the fortunate few to win the NBA Championship as a player and a coach.

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While his performances and accomplishments are inspirational, his nicknames are very interesting too. The spicy nature of his nicknames would grab anyone's attention.



This is a simple conventional nickname that serves as an abbreviated derivation from his real name. Instead of calling him Jason Kidd, it is just simpler to call him "J-Kidd." Those who play professional sports are well aware of how these shorter versions of the real names come in particularly handy during training sessions and tough match conditions.

So, the nickname J-Kidd existed from a young age and got the necessary hype and attention when Kidd's teammates started calling him J-Kidd.

Ason Kidd:

While the first nickname was just a derivation of his real name, this particular nickname is rather offensive and derogatory. In his early years at the College and NBA levels, Jason Kidd struggled with three-pointers and jump shots. The weakness did not remain hidden for long and was identified by the end of his first NBA season. This resulted in severe criticism as Kidd often cost his team important points.

As a result of all this jump shot fiasco, the nickname "Ason Kidd" emerged. Journalists started writing Jason Kidd as Ason Kidd, with the logic being that Jason just didn't have the Jump Shot, and thus, he did not deserve the J in his first name.

However, times changed, and Jason Kidd finished as the third highest three-point scorer in NBA history behind Ray Allen and Reggie Miller by the end of his career.

The Engine:

The nickname "The Engine" is the exact opposite of the previous nickname. Jason Kidd was called Ason because he could not shoot. And then, he improved to become the third-highest three-point shooter in NBA history.

Jason Kidd was called the engine because of his stunning exploits and reliability. He led the team from the front like an Engine. He drove the team forward with his dominating performances and thus was nicknamed "The Engine."

The Kidd:

This is one of those nicknames that players are given when they initially burst onto the scene. While Kidd is Jason's last name, the nickname "The Kidd" was used in his initial days to refer to him as a young and naive player who had a lot to improve.

Mr. Triple Double:

In the eastern conference finals against the Celtics, Kidd averaged 23 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists. This was a unique achievement as he averaged a triple-double in the finals. That's how Jason Kidd got the nickname "Mr. Triple Double."

Career Achievements and Accomplishments:

Jason Kidd became the Mr. California twice, in 1991 and 1992. However, this was just the beginning. He remained the NCAA Seasons Assists leader (1994) and NCAA Season Steals leader (1993) before becoming the NBA co-rookie of the year in 1995. Later, at the NBA level, he remained the assists leader in 5 separate seasons. This showed how helpful a utility Kidd was. All in all, Kidd made it to the NBA All-stars 10 times and was part of the NBA's first team 5 times. He won his first NBA championship as a player in 2011.

Later, he won the NBA championship with LA Lakers in 2020 as their coach.

Current Role:

Currently, he is coaching Dallas Mavericks, the team with which he won NBA as a player. He led them to the conference finals in his first season there. The future looks bright for both the Mavericks and Kidd.


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