Sports Nicknames - The Wizard

Hakim Ziyech is a football star, capable of scoring stunning goals and providing wow moments for the fans with his outstanding ball skills. He currently represents Chelsea FC and the Morocco national team, despite being born in the Netherlands.

Hakim Ziyech, also known as The Wizard is a football star, representing Morocco.  Profile illustration.  Drawing.  Avatar art.

Ziyech is a fast dribbler and a lethal finisher. A very technical player who can provide lengthy passes with laser-like precision. He can also shoot free kicks.

Hakim was born in 1993 and joined a very young and blossoming Ajax side in 2016, helping them go all the way to the Europa League final in his first year. In the 2018-19 season, he was instrumental in taking his team to the Champions League semi-finals, where they, just barely, lost to Tottenham Hotspur. The Ajax fans nicknamed Ziyech "The Wizard", for the magic he displayed on the pitch. Often this was a quick goal that seemingly came out of nowhere, or the way he would catch the opposition out and create an opportunity for his team.

In the 2020-21 season, Hakim Ziyech joined Chelsea FC and in his first season with the club, he helped them win the UEFA Champions League.

The future looks bright for the Wizard, and we look forward to seeing a lot more of his magic on the football pitch.


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