Sports Nicknames - Fergie

Sir Alex Ferguson is a name familiar to any fans of football. Widely regarded as one of the greatest managers of all time, winning more trophies than any other. The Scottish manager picked up a nickname that the British media referred to him with over the years in the game: "Fergie".

Famous sports nicknames: Fergie - Sir Alex Ferguson - Famous Manchester United manager - Illustration - Profile drawing.

It originated from his days in Scotland, where he was managing Aberdeen after his mediocre playing days were over. He was known as a strict disciplinarian, and picked up the nickname "Furious Fergie" thanks to some of his moments of rage. He won both European and domestic trophies at Aberdeen before accepting a job from Manchester United in England.

It was at United where Fergie would achieve much of his success. He would stay at the English club for 27 years, consistently bringing silverware home regardless of the squad he had to build. He broke the unbeaten streak of Arsenal's "Invincibles" squad, brought in the "Class of '92" from the youth system (which included players like Paul Scholes, Gary Neville and Nicky Butt) and was challenging for trophies every year. It's quite hard to fathom just how he managed this year after year, but it was clear for over 20 years: Manchester United were one of the best teams in England.

Fergie ended his career in 2013, finishing with a final Premier League title. His career was not without controversy, but it's hard to escape that at the top level. He often conflicted with referees, resulting in accusations of "Fergie Time" added at the end of the game (though that's a story for another time). What is clear is that Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the all time greatest managers in the game of football and should be acknowledged as such.


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