Sports Nicknames - El Buitre (Vulture)

Emilio Butragueno was a Spanish striker who enjoyed a prolific career with the historic Real Madrid FC and was instrumental to their domination during the 80s.

Emilio Butragueno Santos, also known as El Buitre or The Vulture in english.  Profile illustration.  Nickname.  Digital drawing.  Art.

The Vulture Squadron

He was called as "The Vulture" (El Buitre in Spanish), for he was considered the leader of the famous Vulture Squadron (La Quinta del Buitre) of Real Madrid of the 80s. Other players of the Squadron were Manolo Sanchis, Rafael Martin Vazquez, Michel and Miguel Pardeza. Since Butragueno played as a Striker and led Real Madrid's charge against the opposition, he was famously called "The Vulture."

Origin of El Buitre

The term Vulture (Buitre) was first coined in 1984 by Butragueno Coach Alfredo Di Stefano when the Vulture scored two against Cadiz in a La Liga game. From thereon, the tag stayed with him as he continued to lead the charge and take the opposition by the collar while dominating and dismantling the opposition with his Vulture Squadron.

Achievements and Accomplishments for Real Madrid

His contributions to Real Madrid were inspirational as he played a key role in two successive UEFA Cup Victories in 1985 and 1986. Real Madrid was an indomitable side during the 1980s, and much of it was owed to the Vultures Squadron and the Leading Vulture as the club won five consecutive La Liga titles between 1985-86 and 1989-90 seasons. It was his exemplary work ethic, natural athletic ability, impressive vision for the game, and instinct to improvise that made him a great force on the pitch. With Hugo Sanchez, he formed the Iconic attacking Duo for Real Madrid for a long time. He added to the LA Liga titles with a trophy in the 1994-95 season, which also saw him bid farewell to Real Madrid and Bernabeu.

With Real Madrid, his incredible achievements were as follows

6 La Liga Titles
Two back-to-back UEFA Cups
A couple of Spanish Cups
A Spanish League Cup
And Four Spanish Super Cups

In total, he made 341 appearances for Real Madrid, scoring 123 goals in his 12-year-long career as a striker for the Whites. Following that, he also represented the Mexican Football club, Celaya for another three years before retiring from the Sport in 1998.

Career with the National Team

While Representing Spain between 1984 and 1992, he was part of the side that made it to the finals of the 1984 UEFA European Championship. At the 1986 FIFA World Cup, held in Mexico, the Vulture was awarded the FIFA World Cup Silver Boot, and he also made it to the World Cup's all-star team. For the National Squad, he scored 26 goals in 69 appearances.


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